Ways to Make Money From Your Website

Ways to Make Money From Your Website

53 Ways to Make Money From Your Website
When many start-up websites launched (including Facebook,TwitterPinterest and others), they didn’t have much of a monetization plan initially.  Their primary goal was focusing on creating something that would attract attention and big traffic.
Once they had the traffic in place, lots of different ways to make money will present themselves.  Although, I suspect that none of us will be creating the next huge internet start-up (like Facebook), we would be wise to have a few things in mind when creating a new site.
First, we should make sure there is a market for our site (keyword research is big part of this).  Secondly, we should try to create something of value.  Finally, we should ideally find a niche that has money being spent in it.
Today, I want to focus on different ways that you can make money from your website. Read more.....

Some of the other ways it really brings fortune while working on-line are :
2. Media.net (now manages both the Yahoo and Bing ad Networks)
4. Kontera
6. GumGum (In-image ads)
7. Chitika
8. Clicksor.com (both eCPM and pay per click).
see more here by 
Few other CPA sponsoring websites are:
Note: What ever you do keep the search giants GOOGLE and BING in loop.


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