Enterprise Resource Tracking System - iLanze

i-Lanze - Enterprise Resource Tracking System

In IT companies, the key indices of task progress and efficiency are connected with the evaluation of collective results by optimising personnel’s performance. i-Lanze enables organizations to track how an employee’s time is spent on each project. With Aqlanza i-Lanze, a company can easily hire a temporary employee or a freelancer in any convenient geography to complete a project and track their time history and analyse their participation and commitment on i-lanze the project work.

Enterprise Resource Tracking Lost opportunities are generally never accounted for as it was difficult to track an employee’s time utilization. An employee could simply spend a whole day- carrying out a simple task, which in actuality would take only a fraction of that time to finish, whilst the time recorded and spent is one whole day.

i-Lanze is an ultimate solution that will help employers to perform a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the use of individual work-time spent at each desk on a particular project or task.

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